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Our Monster with in Essay

  • Submitted by: Ragnakai
  • on November 17, 2013
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Our Monster with in
In the story of “Why We Crave Horror Movies”   Stephen King believes that every person is mentally ill, and that watching horror movies help us maintain control of these anti-social instincts. I agree with King, we all have our insane thoughts or urges some just are able to hid it better than others.
Stephen King makes the point that horror movies let us show that we're not afraid or at least that we can face our fear. Despite having these movies scare us with the night mares of our minds we still go to watch them.   Stephen King explains this saying “we are daring the night mare. Why?... To show that we can, that we are not afraid, that we can ride this roller coaster.” (King 400). King quite often compares horror movies to a roller coaster showing that like a roller coaster horror movies might make you scream with their sudden 360 drops but you sit through watching it regardless.
King believes that these movies lets use have a feeling or normalcy. That these movies show us that no matter how bad the movies we enjoy or the pain that we love seeing these movies show us that we're not lost, just a bit different. King stats that “as the horrible melting woman... confirms that for us no matter how far we may be reomved from the beauty of a.. we are still light-years from true uglyness.” (401).
Perhaps the largest point that King makes is that these movies, in their twisted dark way, let us have fun. King even compares watching horror movies to the modern version of public lynchings (401). These movies are dark and demented much like how we are inside. We just have been tamed and trained not to show it.

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