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Outsourcing Essay

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The impact of Outsourcing on the US Economy; Are China and India Threats or Opportunities to our Economy
While allot has been written about discussing the effects of outsourcing on the location   of   jobs and on the wages of workers.   A full understanding of the consequences of outsourcing deserves more examining.   The impacts of outsourcing on the U.S. as well as the global economy.   In this paper intend to show that as more U.S. based companies continue to outsource jobs, the added   risk the U.S. takes in letting other countries pose a threat to our economy as a whole.   The increasing dependency on countries such as China or India could be a threat to the U.S. Economy with distinct pros and cons.  There are many reasons American companies use to   justify outsourcing jobs to other countries instead of keeping them here in America, but the question remains In the long run.   Will outsourcing cause the U.S. to lose it place as an economic superpower?   I will conclude with a discussion of the critical research issues that must be addressed to fully understand the effects of outsourcing. Due to the fast emergence of new competitors both in the industrial sector China and in the services sector India, fears of job losses have increased among during the last few years. In a trend that began in the late 1970s and   that has picked up speed in the 1990s with the opening of trade with China, India and Eastern Europe, competition from foreign imports forced U.S. firms to find cheaper and   better ways of doing business.
The literal definition of globalization is growth to a global or worldwide scale.   Often used as a term associated with the economy, Globalization   refers to the integration   of   national economies into international economies through trade, foreign direct investment, capital, migration and the spread of technology.   Globalization which was expected to benefit the U.S. economy is now posing a threat.  These fears are usually linked to the perception of a...

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