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Owl Creek Essay

  • Submitted by: leslie01
  • on November 14, 2010
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“Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

How do I know the dude is dreaming in the short story, “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge?” The story    

tells us that a man stood upon a railroad bridge, his hands were behind his back and his wrists bound

with cord. A rope encircled his neck, and the slack fell to the level of his knees. This describes a hanging

and the unfortunate one is a well-to-do southern planter named Peyton Farquhar. The story goes on to

tell of the imaginings that take place in the mind of this southern planter Peyton Farquhar as his death is

nearing. The reader is provided details of his dream which I believe are a mechanism of the dying


Peyton is a provider for his family and a hard worker. His wife is a consuming part of his life. The details

of his dream are a description of what took place in his subconscious. This occurred after the hanging in

the short span between his life and death. Because of his faith and love for his family, it is unconceivable

for him to die without his spirit man soaring for this dream reunion with his wife. This is the imaginings

that we read in detail. The drowning effect described is him suffocating, losing the ability to breathe due

to the rope around his neck. As he loses unconsciousness, the story states that his whole body is racked

and wrenched with an unendurable anguish. The end is nearing. Seconds before his life came to an end,

these imaginings took place. The hanging was real and Peyton’s survival was but a dream.

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