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Palace at the End Notes Essay

  • Submitted by: pink4141
  • on November 23, 2012
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Palace at the end
Mixture of historical truth and imaginative creation. Poses problems with the audience. While the 3 stories are different the image of flight is repeated. The symbol of freedom. Freedom of the horror of earth. To escape the stories of despair.
Dodgey dosia – not reliable/ anything you cannot trust.dr Kelly was a 59th y/o respected expert on arm forces , m15 was asked to investigate if Iraq was a threat, could not separate politics from science.the government needed to show independent –“saddam Husain could lauch wmd in 40 minutes” scared people
Dr kellies monolges are full of possibilities because we are not sure.betrayed the truth by exaggerating the threat.
All 3 monolgues have flight
Scene 1
Page 16-soldier images herself as an eagle, ending of the 1st scene “and I soared throught the air…” reference to alice in wonderland. Follow false ideas. The heart of scene 1 is the idea of power and powerlessness. Tortured and humiliated one of her disabled friends. Recreates the moment of power.
Scene 2
Dr Kelly had a dream about flying (page 1).self reflection about what he did “I told myself lies”(page 21) he didn’t want to disappoint his government. Exaggerated the threat (dodgey dosia). Source and not ashamed (page 25) the brit government pretext for war was dodgey. He asks the audience if they ever have dreams of flying. Reincarnation of a woodpeckers (page 18)
Scene 3
She imagines her dead son flying through the air as a ghost.

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