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  • on November 23, 2012
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1. Compare and contrast the conscious and unconscious process issue in psychology with the observable versus internal mental processes issue. Why are these separate issues, or would they best be thought of as the same?
Conscious versus Unconscious is how much of our behavior is produced by forces we are fully aware of versus how much is caused by unconscious activity being not aware of. Observable versus internal mental processes should psychology concentrate solely on behavior that can be seen by outside observers or unseen thinking processes. Conscious, Unconscious and Internal mental processes are similar because of the cognitive perspective they all have. They focus on how people think, understand, and know about the world. Observable is behavior that can be observed directly. These are separate issues because psychology is a unified science. Psychologists of all perspectives agree that the issues must be addressed if the field is going to advance.
  2. What information do we learn from a correlation coefficient about the relationship between two variables?
Correlation Coefficient is a measure of the direction positive or negative. Range of a correlation coefficient is from -1 to +1 of the relationship between two variables. Variables with a positive correlation coefficient go up and down together. A negative correlation coefficient indicates that as one variable increases, the other decreases.
  3. In what ways are hormones and neurotransmitters similar to and different from each other?
Hormones and neurotransmitters are similar because both are chemical messengers that rely vital instructions throughout our entire body. They are different from each other because hormones is a compound produced by an endocrine gland and released into the bloodstream where it can find its target cells at some distance from its actual site of release. Whereas Neurotransmitters is a compound released from a nerve terminal. When an electrical impulse travels to the end of...

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