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  • on November 24, 2012
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Research Process and Terminology
Jodyann Adams
October 29, 2012

Research Process and Terminology
There are many reasons why a person would need to conduct research: for an assignment for school, research on the ratings of an item, and even in the criminal justice field. All of these reasons can and do use different types of research methods.   It is important to learn and understand the different types of research methods because different research methods can give different results. Knowing what research method that is best for the subject being researched cannot only give better and more correct information, but can also allow the person doing the research a better understanding of the subject at hand. In the following paragraphs being discussed will be the terminology used in the criminal justice career field, how this terminology applies to the criminal justice field, and how knowing or not knowing the needed terminology can affect research when evaluating and analyzing cases.
Two of the most important types of research in the Criminal Justice field are Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Although these two research methods seem alike there are two different methods. Qualitative research helps gain an understanding of underlying reason and motivations. It helps provide insights into the setting of a problem, generation ideals, and hypotheses for later research. It is also used to uncover prevalent trends in thoughts and opinion. Qualitative research is done on small numbers of people and is unstructured to semi-structured. It is non-statistical data that normally is considered to be non-conclusive. Quantitative research is quantifying data...

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