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Club IT is not just a club, it is a place where you can be yourself with your friends and
make more friends all at the same time. A place built from dream, which finally came true.
With its friendly, safe, and clean environment you will feel at home. Ruben Keys and Lisa
Tejada has dedicated their selves into making the ultimate meeting place downtown to have fun.  

As a professional my plans are to enhance the club and all of its foundations. Starting
with the structure of the building bringing the dance floor towards the back right side of the
building instead of the front into a corner. Secondly, I would have the tables in one complete
area instead of spreading it throughout the building. In addition it would provide better clearance
to the exit providing there is just one. Next, I would focus on the staff and security. The plan
would be to hire one to two more employees for the following departments such as another
assistant manager, two more cooks, two more stewards, and most importantly two maybe three
more security guards. Security would be my main focus due to the possible crimes with
consumption of alcohol and the remote area of downtown.
Also I would understand that Mr. Key and Ms.Tejada just spent money on remodeling
the club thus far. Therefore, additionally I’ll plan to help earn more money by revising the menu
with more chooses such as more finger foods, shrimp, chicken tenders, Barbeque rib tips,
French fries, and chicken wings including a side. This way, we could sell dinners instead of
appetizers as a result, raise the prices on all the food choices and add more beverages and
flavors to the menu also. Moreover, we could have more opportunities such as raffles, where
the customer could win food.
Consequently, the technology aspects would be far more delicate. Everything would be
operated though computer systems   for each department throughout the club.   I would consider
adding state of the art electronic...

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