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Paper On Creativity

  • Submitted by: duckguy28
  • on October 31, 2010
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Art impacts culture in a variety of ways by a variety of different means.   In the technological, fast-paced culture we live in today, art is everywhere.   Whether it's graffiti, music, paintings, or sculptures, art is all around.   Music, for one, is a way for artists to express themselves to their audience.   For example, some hip-hop artists create songs and dances that are seen and performed by young people all around the country.   Some of their music is replicated and repeated, and impacts the way people act or think.   Clothes people wear can be directly influenced by other artists.
I believe an artist is anyone who creates something that is aesthetically pleasing to at least one other person.   Not all art needs to be liked, but as long as someone likes it, you could be considered an artist.   Artists can be painters, architects, dancers, singers; people who create things that please others.   William Kentridege is an artist who excels, and makes a living, off of his craft of making animated films.   People may not like his films, but there is no denying that he is artistic when it comes to creating those people for the movies.
Artists have a huge role in culture, and many try to change culture or create a new culture.   Going back to the hip-hop music genre, culture was changed for the benefit of the black community in the early 1990's.   Rappers began to rap about black culture and brought that culture into prominence whether some people liked it or not.   They formed this idea of black culture in mainstream society, and have sustained it since.   Another example is an architect who creates a eco-friendly building.   He is creating a culture of sustainability and environmentally friendly atmosphere that will rub off on the culture the building is located in.
An artist who has impacted my life is my grandfather, who is an excellent violin player and plays in a symphony orchestra at the age of 80.   He continues to perform at a high level and his music is heard by...

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