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Parallels Between The Matrix And Plato's Allegory Essay

  • Submitted by: murphym12
  • on November 16, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Have you ever found yourself trying to rationalize the world around you? Trying to make sense of it all but the pieces don’t fit, the numbers don’t add up, and your longing for reason and understanding seem to unachievable because of the limitations of what we really do or can understand.   What if those limitations could fade away, with just one pill? Your hunger for true knowledge would suddenly be attainable. Would you risk leaving the familiar, all that you know, and all that you have ever perceived and loved, to satisfy your need of truth?
One’s quest to seek and understand would certainly vary from individual to individual, since no one holds the same views on life or may even be remotely curious to what may or may not be beyond them. Does all truth and knowledge mean that that reality is better than our current situation? Are we leading ourselves to believe that this other reality is indeed a utopia? That is where curiosity comes into play. I don’t believe that everyone has a philosophical mentality, always questioning life as it is. Most people would consider the red pill because the thought of the unknown would be too intoxicating to resist. If you take curiosity out of play, by telling them that reality is a cold, dark, dangerous place then they would be able to reconsider their choice without the fog of curiosity’s trance.
Fear also factors into these. All creatures on earth are consciously or subconsciously motivated towards self preservation. We keep ourselves warm, clothed, fed, cleaned, and content, all things we naturally do. I believe that the innate instinct to self preserve would outweigh the driving force to seek and understand reality.   What difference does it make if your reality is real or not, isn’t perception reality? Doesn’t your perception form your reality? We would rather the devil we know then the devil we don’t. I envision that it is unique for everyone, because every perception is different, therefore every reality will be too. “We...

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