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Pardoner Essay

  • Submitted by: weezy22
  • on November 4, 2010
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JaRon Hill

Mrs. Hall

English IV

20 October 2010

Pardon me, have you seen the Pardoner?

The analysis of the Pardoner from The Canterbury Tales emphasizes his attributes of being an untrustworthy, greedy, and uncaring man. The Pardoner shows his giving side of him numerous times throughout the tale. People in the Pardoners tale often were mislead and thought he was a homosexual or a castrated male.

In The Canterbury Tales the Pardoner is a highly untrustworthy character. As I read this story with Pardoner it was easily plausible that he was a greedy man. He attempts to sell pardons to the group—in effect plying his trade in clear violation of the rules outlined by the host. The Pardoner would always try to violate the rules. The Pardoner always carried freshly signed papal indulgences. The Pardoner would pocket the charitable donations from the penitents. A quote that I found extremely well in The Canterbury Tales, The Pardoners Tale:

“You know that you can trust me as a brother; now let me tell you where your profit lies” (Chaucer131). I thought that the quote from that story is a good example on how the Pardoner would try to ease his way into people hearts just to steal things from them.

The Pardoner brought much attention to himself with the over indulgence of the charitable donations. The Pardoner caused suspicion throughout the community because he would steal pardons too often. He would cash in on religion any way he can by selling tangible, material objects or he would promise forgiveness of sins. People in the community believed in the Pardoner and that is how he made his money. In the tale, Chaucer says “Dearly beloved, gods forgives your sin and keep you from the vice of avarice!” (134). I thought in this quote that he tried to cash in religion by telling people anything so he can get his money.

After my analysis of the Pardoner from The Canterbury Tales, I clearly understand how he was an untrustworthy man, greedy,...

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