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Pathologizing Gender Essay

  • Submitted by: Naynay2011
  • on November 24, 2012
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Pathologizing Gender

An experiment has been created; a child is born without any knowledge of what its sex or the gender is. The child goes through experiences in its life that questions whether its identity is affected socially. From deciding on what the child should wear to which sports is suitable for its undefined gender, it was hard for the child to fit in due to gender roles society has set to separate girls and boys.   A fictional story, “X: A Fabulous Child Story” by Lois Gould is an example of how society is not open to those who are a different sex and gender other than being male and female with masculine and feminine qualities. Baby X was lucky enough to choose what its identity will be despite the affects of society and its pressure to change or choose its gender. People who are transgender or who prefer same sex relationships go through challenges to be accepted by everyone.
Children are at an age whereas they begin learning what their roles are to do as male or female. Boys are suppose to be dressed like boys, play with masculine toys such as trucks, cars, and action figures and learn how to deal with certain things without showing much emotion. While girls are suppose to wear girly things, become social with girls and play with things such a dolls or playing house. One example of how transgenders and homosexuals are challenged by society is the idea that they have a “disease”. Once a child behaves the opposite way of their gender, the child is automatically diagnose with Gender Identity Disorder. People with this condition believe that they should have been born the opposite sex. Those who are so called affected by Gender Identity Disorder are confused about their gender once they reach an adult age.   Many organizations and studies have tried to find ways to force these children to assure social conformity. Researchers at UCLA conducted a study on non conforming children, especially on “feminine boys”, boys who behave in a...

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