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Patterns of Development Essay

  • Submitted by: gimmieyodumbell
  • on November 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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The patterns of development I chose for my introduction paragraph were a combination of definition with a little bit of description.   This was pretty easy to do, because I tend to use one of the given forms when I write.   For the purpose of this essay, I felt that the definition pattern would be the best way to open up to the paper.

To friend or not to friend, that is the question.   This is a question millions of people face every day when using social networking websites and adding new people to their friends list.   How will this friendship affect me and what do we have in common are just a couple of the questions that determine the effects that one faces when using social networking.   It is important to first understand what social networking is.   Hsiu-Ting (2010) says that social networking can be seen as “the practice of expanding knowledge by making connections with individuals of similar interests” (p.705).   With websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, just to name a few, all of this is possible.   Millions of users access these websites, and a good amount of them do it daily.   However, it is important to note that several schools utilize a form of social networking on their academic sites as well. Utilizing these sites give its members the ability to communicate with their friends, share events, and find new people, many with similar interests.   However, the benefits extend beyond those.   While social networking has revolutionized how we as a society communicate and interact, its positive effects include new ways for interaction amongst each other, furthering education, and bringing people together for a cause.


Hsiu-Ting, H. (2010, December). Educational use of social networking technology in higher education. Teaching in Higher Education, 15(6), 703-714.

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