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Pe Essay

  • Submitted by: crazyjam
  • on November 24, 2012
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Physical Activity can be defined as ‘any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness.’   Examples of ‘physical activity’ at Orewa College could include things such as: Co-curricular activities such as Rugby, Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket and Football. There is also the activities and various games we do during a Physical Education lesson such as: Dodge Ball, Ashton’s rules, Multi-Sport, crash mat and good old fashioned running. All of these activities are just examples of Physical Activity at Orewa College.
The role of physical activity in young people’s lives can be very large or small. It could be a career path/opportunity or just simply something to keep off a few extra pounds. It can also just be a social activity as a way of fitting in or making friends.   The role physical activity takes in a young person’s life comes down to a few things.   One of these would be natural ability, while it is possible to do almost anything if you apply yourself; it is more likely that if you seem to have a natural ability to do something that a sport/physical activity you do can be dominant in your life because it could easily become a career path. If you are not so naturally gifted it may only be something you do to keep healthy and make friends.   For some volleyball players at Orewa College the physical activity they take part in can have a significant effect on their lives. During a young person’s teen years we’re at school to study and try and set ourselves up to have good careers and be able to study at a higher level. Many volleyball players at Orewa College miss schools days to take part in regional and national level competitions, which has both negative and positive on their lives. Competing at these levels can open them up to selectors for national teams or even scholarships for sport at university’s both in New Zealand and abroad, but if they’re not dedicated to the school work before them they may find it hard to catch...

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