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Peer Pressure Essay

  • Submitted by: myhersering
  • on November 25, 2012
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Peer pressure
Often as humans we have the desire to “fit in “and are willing to do things we don’t necessary
Agree with. It causes people to engage in certain behaviors in order to be accepted by a group.
In some cases, individuals do things they do not really approve of because they believe peers
will reward them for joining in or punish them—reject or mock them—if they do not.
Peers influence each other in a variety of ways. influence   is
Most often referred to as peer pressure.   There is two types of negative and

Positive. Positive peer pressure can influence good behavior while negative does just the
Opposite. Statistics show that adolescents are more susceptible to fall into peer pressure in a
group of people such as risky driving opposed to being a sole participant. Other types of peer
pressure are less obvious, but just as powerful. Informational influence occurs when people
change their opinions to match those of the group. They may do this because they believe what
their friends tell them or because they think their friends are too smart to do anything harmful.
An example of peer pressure in the positive aspect is   as a teenager often you are reminded   to
practice safe sex , commonly   propaganda for this is positively   influenced   with pop culture
such as music and familiar characters advertising the product however, negative pressure is
shoved down our throats everyday!!the funny part it is all   done the same way. the media has
constant reminders as to what the perfect body image is. The crowd   swallows all these lies and
harm their body to become perfect or buy products to see what is considered “beauty”.

Personally I believe that as a consumerist country we seas to recognize whats wrong from
right   and forget that we are hurting people when all of this “advertisement” is being sent out to
the public, positive peer pressure should be a method of propaganda   an example of this
would be an...

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