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Perception as a Way of Knowing: Vision Essay

  • Submitted by: tunahead3
  • on November 25, 2012
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Perception as a way of knowing: Vision
Perception is hardly a fail-safe way of knowing yet it is also mostly commonly referred to as the first sense through which we know about the world. This sounds counter intuitive but since I personally held the views stated above, I cannot contest importance of perception opposing the other ways of knowing. Instead I'll be analyzing the many problems associated with specifically vision as a form of perception, and how our dominant reliance on vision can create problems as its flaws will be pointed out.
As a society, we rely on vision predominantly to inform us about the world around is. For example as I type this entry, I am relying on vision to correct any misspelt words and navigate the microsoft word interface. Driving, an activity one can say is an integral part of our society, is overwhelmingly dependent on vision as one has no other way of perceiving road conditions other than seeing. Another example are perfect vision is mandatory for pilots since being able to judge distance is critical to the performing the duties of their profession. So as one can see, vision allows us to complete mundane tasks that make our lives possible, but our vision is far from infallible. Visual distortions are common tools used to show the flaws in the accuracy of vision. Depth perception, size perception, and perception of color can all be manipulated. So in a society where seemingly everything we do involves vision,   would this dependency be instead, over-dependency? For example if everyone in the world were to become blind, would we still be capable of restructuring our lives to accommodate this sudden change? I believe not. Which brings me to my next point: discrimination against groups lacking this ability.
We understand having good vision is an advantage and vice versa. So for individuals born with a lack of this sense, society labels as incapable beings. They are further alienated from the norm in several ways. For one, their...

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