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Perfect Guys Essay

  • Submitted by: Hotstuff2343
  • on November 10, 2010
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When growing up every girl dreams of her “perfect” wedding with the perfect man, from her prince in shining armor riding up on his white horse or prince charming coming to take breath away.   The planning of a wedding can take many years to finally figure out your “perfect” wedding.   When deciding on the right guy, finding which qualities suit your personality the best takes time and many pointless dates.   Learning how to skip the dates can come in great use, rather than wasting your time and start to hate dating in general.   Trying to find the “perfect” guy can take many women decades, but by following these simple task you should have found the guy by the end of this paper.
One day you happen to be walking down a busy street in the suburbs and a guy wearing skinny jeans, a plaid shirt, and some neon orange high-tops passes you. Instantly you whip your head almost getting whiplash from his wardrobe malfunction and hurry your pace. If looking for the “perfect” guy turning your head in dismay may ruin your chances on liking a guy for their personality.   What to do in this situation would to look past their malfunctions and introduce yourself.   If feeling chemistry you may want to switch numbers or go out for supper one night during the week, or if the sparks are not flickering then at least you gave it a shot and pursued something other than looks.  
If all went well exchanging numbers make sure you look your best on the date.   Nothing more than walking into a restaurant in a black, head turning dress will get hi, excited to know who you really are.   As the small talk begins, make sure the right questions are asked such as his birthday, hobbies, and his favorite sports team.   Showing an interest in his favorites is a sure way to get him interested in your personality.   The waiter or waitress will soon be there to order and a good way not to be rude is always
order something that cost less than his.   When picking out the food make sure it is not
messy and will...

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