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Periodic Table Essay

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1.     Describe the periodic table.   The periodic table is a table created by Mendeleev that organizes elements into rows and columns based on their similarities and their masses. The horizontal rows are called periods and the vertical columns are called groups. Elements in the same group have the similar chemical and physical properties. The table is called periodic because the pattern of similar properties repeats as you move from period to period.
2.     Where are the alkali metals and the halogens located on the periodic table? Column one is the alkali metals and halogens are in column 7
3.     On the following list of elements, identify the transition elements with (TM ) and underline the symbols of the halogens:
  1. Mg_____

  2. Cu__TM___

  3. Br ____halogen__

  4. Ag __TM___

  5. Ni ____TM__

  6. CI ____halogen__

  7. Fe__Tm_____

  8. F__halogen ___

4.     Complete the list of names of elements and symbols:

Name of Element                 Symbol | Name of Element                     Symbol |
Potassium                     K | sodium           Na |
Sulfur                       S | phosphorus           P |
Nitrogen                   N | iron           Fe |
Magnesium               Mg | chlorine           CI |
Copper               Cu | Silver           Ag |

  A. Physical Properties of Elements

Element | Symbol | Atomic Number |
| | | Metal (M)/NonMetal (N) |
Aluminum | ____Al________ | ____13________ | _____metal_______ |
Carbon | ____C________ | _____6_______ | ______nonmetal______ |
Copper | ____Cu________ | ____29________ |...

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