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Personal Development Essay

  • Submitted by: deltiba2
  • on November 11, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Personal Development  

      Personal Development, which can be defined as our conscious self-improvement is also the aspiration to realize our higher self-actualization. And, on the other hand, Motivation being defined as the need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it toward a goal, it appears to me that these two subjects are closely related.
    So, as I have been brought to the knowledge of this reality in the study of the chapters of Motivation and Personality, I realize that these are ways that I’m using to improve myself in my everyday life. For instance, I’ve seen some kind of improvement in my day-to-day living (relationship with my family).
After learning about motivation, I find myself a little more motivated to change some aspects of my life, so I got my kids involve in some activities around the house and at my big surprise they are all excited to help in these same areas they usually consider to be “too much chores”.  
The willingness to do things a little differently through motivation is not just bringing me joy but is also helping bring more closeness in my family and this really is pushing me want to do more and at the same time I am being cautious not to overwhelm anyone of us. That great joy helps me improve my own personality. Through these small things I start feeling very good about myself in a different way which in turn reveals a new side of me that is contributing to my personal development.
    This being said, my everyday life has not just improve in one aspect; but also as a student,   even where the results are not measured right away, some acts do not go unnoticeable.
Life relatively is difficult as it is and as responsibilities grow bigger so does stress. In my own case, being a wife, a mother and a worker is already not easy. And here I am returning to school! A student life is not easy either if everything must be done correctly. But amazingly, through the learning of the chapter of Emotion, Stress and Health,...

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