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Personal Statement

  • Submitted by: etericatam
  • on November 17, 2013
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My perception of the world has changed since I started my summer job .I did not realize that languages are that important for communication until I made a huge mistake. Because of misunderstanding of language, I gave the wrong products to the customer and was complained by him .The mistake then sparks my interest to languages.

Afterwards, during my senior form, I began reading more literary books. I think sentences can make me think, laugh, reflect and see something with a new perspective. I found that there were many difficult words from the book that I did not understand, so I looked them up in a dictionary and I translated the whole sentence. Gradually, I have become more interested in doing translation. I joined the Film Appreciation Club as my extra curriculum activity during senior form. And I tried to translate the words said by the characters without looking at the Chinese subtitle. I also learnt how the professionals translate sentences or words in a formal way and how they express the words in Chinese. Translation not only helps me to improve my English but also enriches my vocabularies.

To get to know more about languages, I spent my time working after the public exam. Working at the peak allowed me to come into contact with people from all over the world. It allow me growing a lot more active in communicate with foreign people even though I could not speak English very well. As I keep practicing, I now have much more confident in speaking English and it also enhances my speaking skills.

I hope I can learn more about languages. I want to learn more about how to express Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism. Studying translation would be valuable to me. Firstly, studying translation would let me know about the latest information which can increase my knowledge and widen my horizons. Secondly, language interpretation, which weens people of different nationalities, would also let me...

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