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Personal Statement

  • Submitted by: fabby2angel
  • on November 18, 2013
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Watching the homeless, nameless, and sometimes forgotten, as they strive and be simply to survive another day, is where I have gained the desire and strength to work for success. Contrary to what most may consider a downfall, I consider myself as having been fortunate to grow up and live within steps of ‘Skid Row’. Homeless men and women dig through piles of trash for items that those more fortunate no longer consider useful; one man's trash is another’s treasure. I've grown up daily walking through and around Skid Row going to and from school, and applying myself in extra-curricular activities. Skid Row has become my place of familiarity, my safe haven.
Determination, strength and will are qualities I learned at a young age because of experiences or things I witnessed. Playing on these streets, I, like most kids, have fallen. However, most children have their parents run and clean up their scrape when they fall, I learned to pick myself up and dust myself off; to simply play harder and smarter.   The standard of education is low in the inner-city, and the expectation to succeed in my studies was even lower. I was placed in English as a Second Language class during middle school simply because of my last name. Yet, since first grade, I had only been in a English only speaking classroom. Without realizing, I began to fit the profile and behave as the stereotypical Latino student from a low-income area. Nothing was expected of me by teachers or counselors, and I failed my classes.
The socio-economic status, culture, and my background enable people to simply see a kid who grew up by Skid Row and hold me to low expectations. However, I have realized that the only person I am accountable to is myself. I determine how far and how long I am willing to drive to reach my goals. Other's skepticism is what fuels my motivation. I have used it as a tool to work in silence and let my success make all the noise.   I have demonstrated I am not only an amazing athlete, but a...

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