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Personality Thoery Essay

  • Submitted by: dkiel24
  • on November 3, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Section 1
What makes a good personality theory?
For psychologist to have a good theory are several aspects that it must contain curtain aspects to be a good theory. First it must have consistency that it, must not contradict itself throughout the theory. It must also be heuristic meaning that the theory is exciting and attracts people from all over the world. Like the Freudian theory that really excited people from all over the world to explore this theory.
It must also be objective and measureable that it can find some kind of result for theory. Behaviorism is an excellent theory to be used because it is much more scientific and can be studied with research methods; behaviorism is consistent and patterns of result are consistent. Behaviorism can be studied and you’re able to get scientific results from the study because the variable can be measured.
Another part to what makes a good theory is comprehensiveness and this it covers a wide range of behaviors. Good theories have a special use or purpose but also predicable that you can foretell on the basis of observation and scientific reason. Along with all of these aspects of a good theory also must be parsimonious. It must be realistic and an accurate representation of the real life.

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There are a lot of different aspects that makes a good personality theory. By combining a lot of these aspects make a good sound and accessible and exciting theory for people from all around the word to consider the possibility of the theory and use it.
Section 2
I feel that what makes a good personality theory is that it needs to be consistent. I think being able to show results and scientific evidence to support the theory are very important in a theory. Where the study can make a real life impact and having some application that I can serve to help others learn and solve problems.
There is a lot of controversy over Freudian theory they are open to be believed one way other the other. They really can’t...

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