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Persuation Essay

  • Submitted by: xiego13
  • on November 18, 2013
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Diego Hernandez
English 102
Tuesday/ Thursday

Language, whether oral, or written is the main form of communication we have. In LEARN! LEARN! by Hugo Martinez-Serros, he inspire us by describing the life of a Mexican hard worker that persists in improving his writing, and likes to criticize the writing of the well educated priest that likes to write too. He leaves in the south side of Chicago, works in a the steel... but in his free time he likes to read and analyze his writing to become better with each draft. Writing can be obtained by anyone who wants it; whoever learns proper writing, puts himself in a position of power, regardless of social class, culture, religion, and nationality.
Jose Maria Reyes better known as Chema, is the main character of the story. The author describes Chema as a normal man   with a mexican ethnicity that works in the steel mill, and exels in every work he does. " Like most of the men in the neighborhood, Chema worked in the steel mill. He was skilled at executing a variety of difficult and dangerous dobs that required strength, stamina and alertness. He did the jobs superbly, with an animal intelligence and grace that were incomparable among his fellow workers" Hugo Martinez-Serros gives his character a humble job. He also exposes that Chema is very skilled in works he performs, and does a better job than other people. The author gives us a glance at the personality of Chema; he likes to do things with quality, is dedicated, is pasionate on what he does, and persistant. The author provide us with this information to explain why he is so persistant in being a better writer; its just the way he is, not just with writing but with the way he does things, with quality.
Chema is no different physically thatn the rest of his fellow work mates.. "... his fingers were rooted in a ridge of calluses that spread to the base of his thick palms. His nails were dense, horny, alittle longer thatn those of other men who did his kind of work."...

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