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Pessimistic Thinking Essay

  • Submitted by: ZVincent
  • on October 26, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities instead of making opportunities of their difficulties. Every decision in life is determined by perseverance. Depending on the situation and background, a perception is made either positive or negative. Through experiences, pessimists unknowingly construct a negative concept of thinking. This then becomes a routine habit of judgment. There are three critical methods to the development of thinking; Personalization, Permanence, and Pervasiveness.   These vital techniques define the general attitude, train of thought, and manipulate judgment, therefore enhancing the human thinking.
Pessimistic people often refer to themselves as victims, finding all possible obstacles and dwelling on negativity. Words like catastrophe, penury, lamentation, hopelessness, disappointment, bitterness, frustration, loneliness, and abandonment disrupt the pessimistic mind, creating low self-esteem, depression, insecurity, frustration, and abandonment. Pessimistic people have the tendency to make temporary and specific explanations for setbacks, collapsing under pressure, looking at the worst side of situations, lacking the belief of change, losing hope, constant complaining, lack of security, confusion of values, lack of faith and incapable of success. These are the building blocks of pessimistic behavior created from the personalization technique of thinking. Unfortunately, because of the lack of attention or affection, mistreatment, abandonment, violence, and cruelty these victims are trained in this fact; in result, a fatalistic condition exists of denying every option of good, success and achievement.
Success, accomplishment, and achievement are unlikely to occur by pessimistic individuals because of the continuous amount of negative beliefs, goals, ambitions, desires, purposes and positive attitudes are nonexistent. When unsuccessful, instead of bouncing back very quickly, pessimists remain stuck or abiding a grudge,...

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