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Ph Level Experiment Essay

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Chemistry 8B
pH Level Experiment

Scientists use a pH scale to measure how acidic or basic a liquid is. Acids are found between 0 and 7 and bases are found from 7 to 14. Below, you can see the pH levels and examples of them. Remember that 7 is neutral.5 Neutralization means to change the substance to neutral, this happens because acids and bases are chemical opposites; they react together and create neutral. In this report I will test whether it will take more or less baking powder to neutralize lemon juice compared to vinegar. Lemon juice and vinegar are examples of acids, and baking powder is a base. Citric acid gives lemons their sharp or sour taste. After you mix lemon juice and baking powder together, they will produce CO2. The pH level of vinegar varies from 2.40 - 3.40, when the pH level of lemon juice is 2.00-2.60.6 The pH level of baking powder is 9.7 pH paper reacts chemically with acids or bases. This chemical reaction changes the papers light absorption qualities which changes the color of the paper. According to the color you can find out how acidic or basic your substance is, using a pH scale8 (like one shown below). I will complete this experiment a couple of times, so that I can get the average amount of baking powder needed to neutralize both lemon juice and vinegar.

I think that it will take about 4 tsp of baking powder to fully neutralize the tablespoon of lemon juice. I also think that when I mix them together, CO2 will form. I think that it will take about 3 tsp of baking powder to fully neutralize the vinegar because the lemon juice has a higher pH level (more acidic) 5

For this experiment I will use:
  * Lemons (fresh) (1/2 dl)
  * Vinegar (1/2 dl)
  * Baking powder
  * Measurement cups
  * 2 Glass beakers (400ml)
  * 2 Stirring rods
  * pH paper roll
  * 2 pipettes

I started off by squeezing ½ dl of a lemon into a glass beaker. I made sure that the lemon was fresh...

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