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Phantom of the Opera Essay

  • Submitted by: sbfan97
  • on November 18, 2013
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How are the sound, editing and cinematography parallel in the raising of the chandelier in Phantom of the Opera? (2004, Joel Schumaker, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Terry Rawlings, John Mathieson)
For this essay, I am going to discuss the ways in which the sound and editing was used and how it was successful in the 2004 film Phantom of the Opera. The sequence I am going to focus on is known as 'the raising of the chandelier'.
The start of this sequence is at the beginning of the film where there is a single candle burning with a picture in sepia behind it. This is the establishing shot and as the camera zooms in to the picture, a date and place forms to resemble a postcard and then Rawlings has edited the image to be like an old film with the sound effect of an old film flickering to intrigue the audience further. The picture is then changed to black and white as Raoul is shown as an old man being transferred from his car to a wheelchair and the music is changed to a ghostly non-diegetic sound. As well as the ghostly sounds, there are also diegetic sounds that would be typical of that time period to show a busy scene but that all changes when they enter the auction room because there is none of those sounds to suggest to me, as the audience, that the memories that happened in that room will always live on in that room but the rest of Paris has carried on living.
When the camera is first introducing the audience to the auction room, it is in a crevice to suggest that someone is watching the auction going on. To me, it suggested that the Phantom was watching the auction because he spent his life hiding away, this could have also been suggested to other members of the audience but it could also be the ghost of Christine seeing her husband fulfilling her wishes. The camera angles are also used to show how big the opera house is, maybe to suggest to the audience that there are so many places to hide.
In the beginning sequence to the part where Raoul is moved, the picture...

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