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Philosophy of Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: tylerflatt
  • on November 25, 2012
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And That’s My New Philosophy
When it comes to writing there are so many ways to begin and just as many ways to end. Perhaps the ending is your beginning or your beginning is your ending. Both ways you have your own process and in the end you have a final piece. If I am not correct, then may I be struck by lightning. Nope, I am still sitting here so that means I am correct.
The biggest argument about writing is most likely the highly debatable way of teaching how to write. I agree that writing is indeed a process, but a process that varies among each individual. Why then is this concept of how to write such a big deal? Students should have the ability and opportunity to effectively write, whether that is to inform, persuade, or for personal reasons. An individual who cannot write and further more cannot write effectively will most likely suffer in society. Writing is essential to many careers and definitely for higher education purposes.
As new laws are passed and the importance of writing being integrated into every subject grows, English teachers are facing a bigger challenge. Students must be prepared for college and their future careers. How then do we teach writing? Essentially this way of teaching writing is no different than before. Many veteran teachers already placed in the school system will most likely conform to the old fashioned step by step writing process. First you brainstorm, and then you write a first draft, edit, rewrite, and then publish. Although most students go through this process, it is not exactly in this order. So why teach it that way? As a new age English teacher I want to change this set way of doing things, for the better.
As a writer, I know that I do not follow this stereotypical format of writing and chances are the majority of my students will not either. Therefore, instead of teaching the writing process as a set linear process, I will only teach the stages. I believe students should be familiar with each stage so that...

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