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Physics Real Life Essay

  • Submitted by: madmoneymike
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: History
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Michael Trigo                                                                                     Words
Current event #2
You can imagine the burden the leader of the natural free world has, as well as the overwhelming stressful.   With the growing dissatisfaction for congress it seems this burden has been expanded.   According to What’s wrong with our government there are many flaws in our legislature, creating indifferences concerning recent progressions. With the over flows of opinions a strong rush of beliefs flooded politics leaving a growing group displeased citizens, like never seen before.   The spread of this displeasure much like a plague is toxic in our nation’s growth thus creating another bump in American history and progression.   The indifferences shared by many can be considered an actual threat to our nations balance.   The article points out growing tensions in congress as well as it steady lingering over our nation’s improvement. Problems such as an even further divide between political parties, debates on the Regan tax cut, as well as a bias source of new all lead to a development of one sided opinions.  
As one nation, the United States of America has been a proud nation since its creation.   Ever since the first constitutional convention the representatives in the government had been generally united and had the best interest in mind for the people.   However, up until recently this general union between indifferent people had been immense.   Yet currently we see a small division of this unity based around political parties. Conventional wisdom has it that in accordance to the article that if there was a vote from one political party to another to pass a bill it would seem ok and the party would not mind.   On the other hand now the over use of a filibuster on behalf of the republican part in response to democratic bills proposed by Obama seem to have rendered the system over used or more used then it was normally.   In the past the...

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