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Pilipino Filipino Culture and Family Therapy Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Pilipino Families
Asian American Families

  * Tropical island chain of 7000+ islands at the crossroads of the trade routes to Asia.
  * Wide variety of settlers/colonizers w/ 80 identified dialects in diverse regions.
  * Racial diversity is called the “Pilipino” blend.
  * Pilipino self-concept is viewed as powerless and inferior, with dependence on Western masters – this took away form the development of a strong national identity and solidarity. See their roles as subservient and dependent and relying on the donations of others and having passive resistance.
  * 700 A.D. to 1400 A.D. colonizers come in waves from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indochina, Borneo and Java. Many people believe that Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan put the Philippines on the map in 1521.
  * 1521 to 1898 – Spanish colonizers – Introduced Christian missionaries and instilled fear of retribution, submission to authority, and resignation to diving will.
  * 1898 to 1946 – American colonizers – improved Pilipino economy with the American need for steady market and a source of cheap labor and raw materials.
  * 1941 to 1945 Japanese attacks Philippines and Americans during World War II, which devastates the economy and sends the Philippines into poverty.
  * 1946 – Philippines attained independence but Presidents were often ties with corruption and political scandal, leading to political and economic stagnation.
3 Waves of Pilipino Immigration to the United States
  * Wave 1 – Farmworkers in the 1920s/1930s aka “old timers” – often objects of discrimination, social segregation, economic exploitation and violence.
  * Wave 2 – World War II veterans and families – menial jobs below their skill range, social isolation and alienation.
  * Wave 3 – Professional who have difficulty trying to keep up the image of the “model minority”
Class Separation within Pilipino Americans in the United States
  * Conflict between different generations of...

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