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Plagiarism Essay

  • Submitted by: AmericanLove
  • on November 19, 2013
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PlagiarismDavid Zachary PorterCOUN 502 Developmental PsychologyDr. Leona Gulley
Liberty University

PlagiarismPlagiarism is a topic of great importance in today's current academia, with a plethora of knowledge contained in books and in countless forms on the internet it should come as no surprise that current students are easily lost and confused in the many rules and regulations involved in using another persons ideas or information and giving credit where credit is due. Not only is it unethical to lead another person to believe that an idea is yours it is also illegal. Plagiarism.org (2013) says that plagiarism is rationalized a lot of times in our minds by using the terms “borrow” or “copy” and they go on to state that it is a highly illegal offense that should not be reduced to such terms because essentially it is thievery and deceit (para. 1). It is obvious that plagiarism is a much more serious transgression than most people realize but what actually constitutes plagiarism?
Plagiarism, as defined by Dictionary.com is “ an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that authors work as ones own, as by not crediting the original authors” (Dictionary.com, 2013). This definition is very general and encompasses most aspects of plagiarism in its various forms. Plagiarism has occurred in any instance in which an idea, thought, and/or results of a study are used in a paper and that did not originally stem from the authors own creativity or though process. It is a fine line to walk when writing a paper and drawing from so many sources and still trying to include your own ideas and perspectives on the specific topic. Very often students, myself included, have plagiarized unintentionally which is not as severe but still needs to be prevented because unintentional theft is still theft.
According to Duke University (2013) most forms of unintentional plagiarism occur when...

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