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Pmr - Meditation Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 18, 2013
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PMR - Meditation

Now make yourself comfortable…. You may like to move around so you feel as relaxed and comfortable as you can be… Start by concentrating on your breathing…focus on each breath in and each breath out…noticing how your breathing becomes deeper and deeper…. Feel the breath going through your body as you go deeper into relaxation…. As you are becoming more relaxed your eyes may be starting to feel heavier…keep your eyes open or let your eyes close naturally…. what ever feels right for you.

You may be able to notice all the everyday noises around you…these should begin to fade as you concentrate on your breathing and let the noises integrate themselves into your relaxation. Breathing in…. and out…in…and out.
As you concentrate on your breathing you must remind yourself that this time is especially for you, no one wants anything, no one needs anything, this time is just for you to feel more deeply relaxed than you have ever done before…

This feeling of complete relaxation starts at the top of your head…. soothing all those muscles in the top of your scalp… feel them releasing tension and letting go… The feeling of deep relaxation is now starting to flow down your face with a warm tingling sensation… the tiny muscles around your eyes can now relax and let go followed by your cheeks and jaw.

Let the feeling now travel on down to your neck…. smoothing out all of those muscles…breathing in… and out…in…and out…. more deeply relaxed than you have ever felt before.

Now moving down into your chest. You will now begin to breath even deeper…in …and out…in…and out. Your body is realising just how amazing it feels…going down into your stomach…very calm and peaceful…soothing all aches and pains…You might now find that the sensation is travelling down into you hips …and carrying on down to your legs…soothing all you muscles in your thighs. Breathing in…and out…in …and out.

Relax you knees and those muscles in your calves and then feel the...

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