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Poetry Essay

  • Submitted by: Carlavan3
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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Evangelia Penn
Nov. 17, 2013
Poetry Response #3

The Sick Rose
In "The Sick Rose", William Blake uses symbolism, descriptive diction, and imagery to reveal his feelings about the symbol the "rose".
The "rose" is a symbol . In life a rose is usually a symbol, it represents love and sometimes happiness, but it also represents a person. In the poem "The Sick Rose" the "rose" is called a "sickness". "O rose, thou art sick!" Meaning love has become bad, a sickness. As I read up on Blakes work, I learned that we wrote of innocence and experience. The invisible worm." As, I said; the "rose" is a symbol, not only of love and happiness, but it's also a symbol of a womans body parts, specifically her genitalia. Blake describes it as a "sickness" meaning that the woman, in this case, is sick.
In line 2, Blake says "The invisible worm", the words "invisible worm" male me think of a sickness, which is what the "rose" is refered to in this poem. "Invisible worm" must mean that it's some type of disease. In lines 3 through 4, Blake says "That flies in the night,/In the howling storm." When he said "that flies in the night" he means that the symbol of the woman the "rose" can not defend itself at night time and "in the howling storm" he means that the "rose" is afraid.
In the last stanza, Blake reveals imagery, he paints on the picture of destruction by saying " Has found out thy bed/ of crimson joy/ and his dark sercret love/ does thy life destroy". (lines 5 through 8). To mean this means that if you lay down with a dog, odds are you will get flees, and this is exactly what Blake is showing. When he says lines 5 through 8; I feel as if the sinkness that the woman has acquired has gotten worse. The disease, ultimately destroyed the woman in a sense.

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