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Poetry Analysis: "Beginning Again" By Franz Wright

  • Submitted by: CBIGGERS
  • on October 25, 2010
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Christian Biggers Beginning Again
The “Beginning Again” is a free verse poem. This poem has a lot of great symbolism in it and is really deep. It’s not written for a child’s mind, one could say, but rather an intellectual’s. I liked this poem because it forces you to think, the reader has to read closely to find out what Franz Wright is really saying.
The first line of the poem, “’If I could stop talking, completely cease talking for a year, I might begin to get well’”, tells us that Franz most likely gets in trouble with his mouth a lot. The title and the first line provide the information that when can figure that he has screwed up and needs a fresh start. I really enjoy the line that says “performing brain surgery on himself.” At first I imagined an actual brain surgery but realized that does not make sense. Taking a second look at the line I see that it really just a creative way of saying he was collecting his thoughts or in deep thought. Franz then goes into describing the room that he is in and he mentions the room has no mirror. This seems like a small detail that is really useless. In the next line though it is tied together by saying “A room whose floor ceiling and walls are all mirrors.” Confusing at first, but that’s why you have to look at the poem more closely. In the line before, Franz is talking about an actual mirror. In the next line, Franz symbolized the aspect of the mirror which is reflection. Not a reflection of visual objects but memories.   In other words, this room has had some history and not very pretty history by the way the poem says “what a mess” afterwards.
Franz now sees all the mistakes and mess around him, and is in a battle of a decision. He knows how to begin again but he does not what for or “why?” I think he is trying to decide if he should start all his hard work over again and try to pursue happiness or to stay where he is at without any thing hard to overcome but be in sorrow or depression. Franz refers to a...

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