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Policing in American Society Essay

  • Submitted by: msinfl
  • on November 25, 2012
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Policing in American Society
Shelly Alexander
November 12, 2012
Ray Cuellar

Policing in American Society
The term policing refers to a subset of law enforcement that applies to the process of regulating the general health, safety, welfare, and morals of society. The policing function in the United States is primarily observed through the operation of the criminal justice system. The criminal justice systems works in the prevention, detection, investigation, and the prosecution of crimes.
There are four methods to law enforcement that dictate the roles and functions of the police officer. The law is paramount and is the guide for behavior of all citizens comes from the legal viewpoint. The legal method stresses the enforcement of law; however it allows for police discretion in some cases. If not for discretion the jails and prisons would over flow worse than they already do. The public method is second and stresses the process of developing a policy which can have effects on delivery of police services. Third the system method recognizes the importance of all the environmental influences in society. Last is the global method that stresses the larger impact of world events on law enforcement functions.  
The two levels of police in the United States are Federal and State. The Federal Level includes Homeland Security and the Department of Justice which deal with crimes across state lines, terrorism, and organized crime. State levels consist of state police, bureaus of investigations, and local police departments. Local agencies include municipal police, parish police, and the parish sheriff’s offices. These are the most important of the policing agencies. Local police serve and protect citizens from violent crimes to property crimes, along with traffic control and general patrolling. They provide information to the community as needed covering their jurisdiction State police have the same duties as local along with covering all state areas outside...

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