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Polyphemus in the Odyssey Essay

  • Submitted by: staeblerbarry1
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: History
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Barry Staebler
Period 3
October 24, 2012
The story in Polyphmus’s Point of view

This morning was like no other morning. I got out of my bed to see the sunrise, after that I went into the forest to find something to have for my breakfast. Most days were quiet in the lands of the Cyclopes. You could even hear a pin drop.
This morning was quite odd though. I heard several voices from a distance to see a ship. It was parked back at the beach. I didn’t mind much about it. As I said to my self “ah just a couple crew members having trouble at sea”. All I caught while hunting was a small boar, that sure didn’t make my stomach stop grumbling. When I returned back to my fields, I gathered all of my sheep so I could bring them back to my homestead. As I was walking to my cave I heard familiar voices. Those were the voices I heard when hunting, but now they were much closer and louder. In shock I saw twelve crew members in my cave, making themselves home. I got real angry, real fast, as I raged with anger.
“Strangers” I said, “who are you?” and where from? “ what brings you hear by seaways- a fair traffic? Or are you wandering rogues, who cast your lives like dice, and ravage other folks by sea?”
Right as they saw me the tried escaped I ate them to bits and pieces. After, I rolled a round boulder in front of my opening and put it right in front. This boulder was gigantic, no ordinary human could move such thing, so they were trapped. A muscular, tall man clothed in brown armor approached me . I saw the fear in his eyes before he had anything to say.
“We are from Troy, Achaeans, blown off course by shifting gales on the Great South Sea; homeward bound, but taking routes and ways uncommon; so the will of Zeus would have it. We served under Agamemnon, son of Atreus- the whole world knows what city he laid waste, what armies he destroyed. It was our luck to come here; here we stand, beholden for your help, or any gifts. You give- as custom is to honor strangers. We...

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