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Pornochic Market Essay

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FIRST PART : What does Porno Chic mean? And where does it come from?
I- Present definition and history of Porno Chic
How to define porno chic?
Limits between Erotic, Porno chic and Hard-core
| Suggested | Explicit | Brand-influenced |
Erotic | ++ | - | - |
Porn Chic | + | + | ++ |
Hard Core | - | ++ | + |

    In parallel to eroticism which focuses on sexual desire and anticipates sexual activities, Porno chic’s aim is to mainstream pornography and to diffuse images of pornography in popular culture: advertising, music videos, movies and cable television.
It is important to oppose Porno Chic to Hardcore pornography which is a form of pornography that features explicit sexual acts. This term was invented in 1950 to distinguish it from soft-core pornography (not far from erotic films). It usually takes the form of photos, often in magazines, or films but it may also appear as a cartoon. Internet is now the more common place to find hardcore pornography.
So, the limit between Eroticism and Hardcore is the view of an explicit sexual act. Porno chic is on the contrary a way to insert pornography in a communication media as advertising.
The “sexual revolution”
The specialists agree to make the “sexual revolution” start in the middle of the Sixties when the first generation of the baby boomers are about to reach their 20’s. The female body is revealed. The miniskirts make their appearance in 1965, while the first naked bosoms are shown with the cinema. May 1968 precipitates this movement in France. The hippie movement that appeared on the west coast of the United States at the end of the Sixties is spread in Europe.
At the end of the Seventies, sexual liberalization is standardized.
Golden Age of Porn
The expression Porno Chic appeared in the United States at the beginning of the year 1970 in order to indicate the first wave of pornographic films of feature-length American film. The golden age of...

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