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Post Modernism Monologues Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Captain Kirk to the mother ship. Come in Starfleet. Still no sign of that whale im supposed to explode. Did you beam me to the right place? I know im supposed to explode it before it flies in through the ozone layer. Why there’s a giant space whale crashing into this planet is beyond me but you bet your ass ill be here to explode it with my lazergun when it shows up.   I’ll keep searching for it, in the mean time while you prepare for my arrival be sure to…..hello are you still there? Come in mother ship. Come in mother ship. DAMN!
(Shuts Phone then dials again)
Captain Kirk to the mother ship. Come in Starfleet. Oh thank goodness Leonard I thought I lost you guys and I was gonna be stuck out here. The last thing I need today is to get stuck out here. I mean first the damn transmitters are being repaired causing the reception to be very weak out in this planet…Anyways still no sign of that whale.
(Enter Joyce)
Kirk: Must be a blue whale and that’s why its taking so long for it to get here. Oh wait I think I see it coming, Yup there it is! Im going to shoot it! Damn its so big it doesn’t even penetrate its body! Starfleet send help! Hello! Starfleet?!
Joyce: Hello?
Kirk: Leonard is that you?
Joyce: No this is Joyce, I’m on hold. Are you on hold too? 
Kirk: No, I’m trying to save the world! Get off the line!
Joyce: No way. I’m not giving up my place in line. You can be hours on this thing.
Kirk: There’s a space whale that going to destroy the world unless I destroy it first or it finds its mate and soon.
Joyce: Is it pregnant?
Kirk: Is the whale pregnant?
(Enter Maria, on candlestick phone) Pregnant!!! Penina, I told you not to share that information, its personal!!
Kirk: It’s not personal its cataclysmic.
Joyce: End of the world?! Grr, I already paid my tuition
Maria: I’ve always found lullabies helpful in reducing stress
Kirk: You want me to sing to a space whale?
Maria: “”singing” go to sleep, little one, nighttime is calling”
Kirk: I don’t...

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