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Poverty and Pollution Essay

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Assignment 2: Poverty and Pollution Case Study
Susan Poston
Professor Carolyn Green
BUS 309-Business Ethics
August 26, 2012

The paper will explore the issues that are associated with poverty and pollution. The first
section of the paper will explain the ethical implications of businesses polluting in third world
countries. The second portion discusses why businesses disregard standards of pollution control
while conducting operations in third world countries. The middle portion will explain how
pollution is the price of progress and why human beings have the moral right to a livable
environment. The final sections will explain why wealthy nations should not have the obligation
to provide poorer nations with greener industries and the sources of energy and propose a plan
for uniform global pollution control standards.
Determine the ethical implications of businesses polluting in a third world country. Explain.
First let’s give the definition of ethics. According to Lamb, Hair & McDaniel (2013)
“ethics refers to the moral principles or values that generally govern the conduct of an individual
or group” (p. 35). The ethical implications of businesses polluting in third world countries is
whether to obey the moral laws that a person knows is right or to make money. Some businesses
would rather act unethically and make money than to take responsibility for damaging people,
land, animals, and other things. Another ethical implication is abide by the rule that regulate
polluting or take the chance of being fined for not abiding by the rules and polluting. Some
businesses would rather be fined than abide by the regulations because it is cheaper for the
business to pay the fine than to actually fix the problem. Another ethical implication is that
businesses would rather pollute in third world countries because it is not harming their
surrounding area in America. Businesses have the idea that it is more ethical to pollute in a...

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