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Pregnancy And Teratogens Essay

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There are many things to consider when a woman is pregnant concerning the health of

her unborn child. The woman’s environment is important because she may be exposed to

many teratogens that could potentially be harmful to the fetus. Some examples may

include second hand smoke, work environment, poor living conditions.

    Second hand smoke, some say, is worse than being a smoker themselves. Cigarette

smoke contains approximately 4,000 chemicals, 43 which are directly linked to causing

cancer. According to the National Toxicology Program, it is estimated that at least 250

chemicals in secondhand smoke are known to be toxic or carcinogenic. This puts a

pregnant woman’s unborn child at an increased risk for harm during pregnancy. A

woman that is aware of this should be more aware of this environment for the safety and

full growth potential while in the womb.

    Another environment that may be risky could be the work place. I, myself, work in the

medical field. While I was pregnant, there were certain patients I was not permitted to be

around because of infectious diseases or viruses. Some viruses that was included was

Chicken Pox, or a strand of the herpes virus call Shingles. This exposure could have been

potentially harmful, if not fatal, to my unborn child. Another example of an unsafe work

environment could be somewhere that was unsanitary, or chemicals that could cause

harm if inhaled or ingested.

    Poor living conditions could also play in important role in the health and safety of a

developing fetus. Some environments in inner cities or areas of disaster, such as

hurricane Katrina, make cause some exposure to unsanitary conditions. In inner cities,

many people reside in places that have bad septic systems, or may be infested with

roaches, that carry many deadly diseases. Dirty drinking or bathing water may also be a

big factor.

    When a woman decides to get...

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