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Presentation of the Ceo’s Position Essay

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Assignment: Presentation of the CEO’s Position
ACC260 Week 6 Day 7
October 7, 2012

      As the CEO of Kardell, I have examined all of the positions of the stakeholders and have laid out a plan for the future of this company.   In this presentation I will not be relying on my own or anyone opinions of the individual stakeholders.   Every stakeholder has made interesting arguments of what they want to see for the future of this company but the responsibility for the growth and vitality of Kardell is my top priority.   It may not be necessary to close the company during the upgrade but that is an opinion, I will be continuing with the assumption that we will have a one year closure followed by a one year reduced staff and growth.   The other premises that I will be using is that the Sonox chemical is a threat to the health and environment, the evidence does not prove it one way or the other.
      The position of the employees is that they do not want to see any loss of jobs and opportunity.   The fact is that if this chemical is causing the problem it is only a matter of time before the government makes new laws, and the lawsuits would begin to flow in.   This would cause the plant major losses and future opportunities would be lost to those same employees.   The health of the employees living in the city would suffer from the medical problem arising from the chemical continuing to flow in to the river.   The medical bills would inundate the next generation with medical bills and the overwhelming problems of taking care of children with medical problems.   I will consider this group’s opinion first having the highest priority.   Concerning matters of work and environment, they are willing to work in.   When the plant closes, they will need to find a temporary way to support their families and themselves.   This will be the hardest part of the upgrade that this group will have to endure.   I ensure you that the jobs will be here when...

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