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Presidential Debate Essay

  • Submitted by: kirbie
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: History
  • Length: 262 words

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Kirbie 1
Nathan Kirbie
Dr.Ellen Stockstill
8 October 2012
Presidential Debate
Who won the Presidential Debate? Did Obama win or did Romney? From my perspective I would suggest Romney won the debate. Romney’s main points that he based around was his five step plan, get the United States energy independent, open up more trade, make sure Americans have the skills to succeed in the world, get us on a balanced budget, and champion small businesses.   With these five points I found that Romney won the debate. Also Romney won the debate with the way he answered questions and presented himself.
Romney first answered each question directly, he did not try to evade from each question by changing topics, and by doing so he also answered the question with respective stance on each subject. With each respective answer Romney gave he did so with facts and examples to prove his point. Obama gave the approach which seemed he had rehearsed in his bathroom mirror for about 10 minutes before the debate, while Romney was somewhat witty responding to all of Obamas statements with facts straight from his head. Giving the idea that Romney didn’t rehearse his speech word for word, just got facts and information needed for the debate.
During the Debate President Obama seemed to take more preparing attacks against Governor Romney than actually gathering actually facts and statistics. Obama was stating wrong facts about Romney’s campaign trying to downgrade Romney.

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