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Preventing Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

LeTasha Terry

PSYC-1040:   Human Growth & Development
Professor McKinney
November 1, 2010
Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

      One of the most trivial issues that is faced in the world today is teenage pregnancy.   When a teenager is faced with an unplanned pregnancy it is a life-altering and daunting event for the teen and their family.   As a parent, finding out your teen is pregnant can cause astonishment and sadness because all kinds of things begin to run through your mind on what you could have done to prevent this mishap.   Before pregnancy ever occurs, a parent can help their teen to avoid an unplanned pregnancy by properly educating on teen pregnancy and consequences, educating on pregnancy prevention, and being an involved parent.

      Teens should be educated on the realities of life as a teen mom or dad and the many consequences that come along with the role.   Shows such as Teen Mom reveal the struggles that teens have to go through to raise their babies.   This show is a classic example of the many challenges teens face when having babies before they are adults.   Many of the characters on this show were smart, popular, and had dreams of what they would be doing in the future, however due to their poor decisions that were made, their dreams are now on hold and they are faced with bigger responsibilities.   It is important that teens realize pregnancy is not as easy and glamorous as they make it appear in the movies or on the news, but it is actually a full-time job and many sacrifices will have to be made.   Sacrifices that must be made once a teen has become a parent include missing games, dances, movies, and many other hobbies and interests teens enjoy doing on a regular basis.   Once a baby has been born it is not the obligation of the parents or family of the teen to take care of it, but is the teen’s full responsibility for taking on the role as the parent of this child....

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