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Principals of Professional Helping Essay

  • Submitted by: jtru68
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In every profession, there exists a set of rules and regulations that govern the way employees act and work amongst one another, as well as their clients. In the profession of social work, social workers use principals that guide, practice, and actions. These principals apply in all practice situations, regardless of the client and position they are in. In the cases of Janie and Alex, Mayers and Grayer are both held to the principals of their profession, even though the situations are different.
                                    Principals of Professional Helping
Diversity is a part of the profession when looking into helping the client. As a social worker, they must be able to help every individual and the environment they come from, whether it is of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and even sexual orientation. Applying the principals of what is learned, will help make every case possible, and treated differently. Since every individual is diverse in their own way, even from parent to child; this profession must be able to grasp an understanding for everyone, and work with them in a manner that will benefit them, specifically. In doing this, social workers will be able to treat each client with dignity, allowing for the client to be the expert of their own life (Sheafor, B. W., 2012, p. 48-57). This will help the client become stronger and grow in the end. By incorporating these three areas, the social worker will be able to continuously keep checking on the progress of the client and their growth. This all ties into the social worker keeping their profession open by being accountable to the clients, the community, and agencies that help with the case.
By incorporating the five concepts listed above, Grayer talks about the phobia Alex has with the public, and the inability to maintain a healthy relationship, this Agoraphobia, played a large part in Alex’s growth (2005, p. 21). By treating Alex with dignity and equality, she is able to get a...

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