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Privacy and the Government Essay

  • Submitted by: mrnaomibell
  • on November 24, 2012
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Privacy and the Government
Naomi Bell
Ashford University
ENG 122
Prof. Fatima Lim - Wilson
October 22, 2012

                      Privacy and the Government

    The topic I have chosen to write my paper on is Individual Privacy versus National Security. I believe this topic is important because as citizens we should know our rights and not be bullied by anyone, not even the government. I do know that the government randomly taps our landlines and for sometimes no particular reason. This is very illegal depending on how and why they’re doing it. Wire tapping landlines is a violation of our Fourth Amendment and should not be tolerated.

    The topic Individual Privacy versus National Security is very broad so I had decided to narrow my research down to the government tapping our personal landlines phones. I believe that it is safe to say as people we have a lot of private conversations with friends and family on our phones. We tend to say things that are very personal and private to each other about various topics. Also, because everyone is so different and come from diverse backgrounds we tend to have different types of slang. It is very easy for someone to say “I am about to blow up!” meaning “become famous” and someone to not understand that slang thinks he is going to blow something up literally. A lot of states do not allow phone recordings in court without the other party knowledge. Now the government is tapping our phones and listening to our conversations, is it legal? Or is it invasion of privacy? Does it interfere with the Fourth or Fifth Amendment? These were the questions that I have been researching and answering. Right now I agree that we should have our privacy unless if there is a possible crime being committed and foreseen consequences may occur then it would be necessary to tap phones for the better of our communities. (Dowell, K. 2008)

      Let us begin with a little history on the landlines. Around 1876 the...

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