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Pro Gay Essay

  • Submitted by: ahopkins
  • on November 4, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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If two people love each other shouldn’t they be allowed the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities, no matter their gender? I think yes they should marriage is about a love and a commitment to another person, it shouldn’t be about who they are if they are either both men, or both women or a man and a women. In any of these cases the bond of marriage is the love the couple has for the other in the relationship, just because the two people are the same sex doesn’t make the bond and the love they share for each other any less strong.
There are many arguments against same sex marriages but none of them seem to stand up very well. One argument is marriage is an institution between a man and a women. Who says what a marriage is to be defined by? The married, the miserable? This is more like an argument of prejudice than any real argument. People say that same sex marriage is for reproduction, well if this is the case why can infertile couples get married? No one would tell that couple they could marry just because they can’t have a baby so why is this even an argument against same sex marriages?   Much scientific studies have shown that the outcomes of children raised in the homes of gay and lesbian couples are just as good as the children raised in straight homes. Psychologist tell us what makes the difference is the love of the parents not their gender. Gay people are just as capable of loving children as anyone else. Children are born into families of single mothers, drug addicts, teenagers, and convicted felons how are those homes are any better for children to grow up in then a home of homosexual couples? Another argument is that same sex marriages would threaten the institution of marriage. How is this even a ligitiment argument how is it that a marriage can threaten the institution of a marriage? If you allow gay people to marry each other you are no longer encouraging them to marry people they don’t feel attraction towards and there for lowering divorce...

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