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Process Paper

  • Submitted by: sgio2454
  • on November 25, 2012
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Process Paper

Kathe Kollwitz is believed to be one of the most remarkable artists of the twentieth century art movement. Kollwitz created various forms of art throughout her career ranging from draftsmanship to sculpture. She has inspired me to create my own unique piece of artwork both with how well she displays her particular style and that of what her art is based off of emotionally from within.
Kathe Kollwitz was a German born artist whose life was for the most part surrounded by heartache, sorrow, and death. Kathe often used mediums such as charcoal, lithograph, and woodcutting to create her masterpieces.   Though many of the events that Kollwitz experienced in her lifetime may be viewed as extremely unfortunate, they are often looked upon in a much different fashion. The events that took place in Kathe Kollwitz life have been in many ways, a huge benefit to her career as an artist and what she had become.   Most all of Kollwitz’s artwork is based off the criteria of poverty, war, death, and common women.   Due to Kollwitz living through World War I, World War II, and the Great Depression, she often put out her emotions in her artwork for how she was feeling about the world around her. Another tragedy that resulted in Kollwitz life was the death of her nineteen-year-old son, Peter Kollwitz, during World War I. This event in Kollwitz life was very detrimental to her as a person, yet also very inspirational to works of her future art.   Peter’s death only aided in developing his mothers’ style of death, depression and sorrow (Winkler) .  
Upon losing her son Peter in the war, Kathe firmly believed that not only her art, but also all art should reflect the time period and social conditions of the world that you know personally.   This statement is clearly seen in almost all of her best-known pieces of art.   The pure emotion and sorrow that she exemplifies in her art is an indication of what life must have felt like to live in a time overran by poverty and...

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