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Procrastination Essay

  • Submitted by: jackiecyq
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Jazmyn(Jiang Chan)
Ms.Wilhelmina Amansec
14 November 2013
Which is more important to me right now-- the economy or the environment? Which will seem more important by the time I have grandchildren?
In my point of view, the environment is far more important than the economy right now.
Healthy is always the priority in people's mind. However, healthy is related to environment, thus, environment is regarded as essential as healthy. If the air that people inhale everyday is not clean, it would cause many diseases, more specificly, respiratory disease. Under this circumstance, economy will become a factor that can be disposable at any given time.
Another reason is that if we lose all our money, we can use our whole lifetime to earn it back, nevertheless, once we destroy the environment on earth, it would be difficult for us to restore it in the current generation's period of time. Earth, the safe haven, belongs to every living being that dwells on her and hence it is not our right to take mother nature for granted and use her without taking care of her.
Both of the economy and the environment are important, however, in the future, I am convinced that the economy will become vary means for people to protect the earth. For instance, scientists who are doing experiments need financial support to create more advanced technology that can work for people without polluting the environment, which means , the development on economy can also be a way to protect the environment.
According to what I'v mentioned above, I deduce that we should try our best to protect our mother nature and make our future be an economy that is idealogically balanced with the needs of the people and at the same time, do not forget the care of mother nature.

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