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Progressive Discipline Essay

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The company has adopted a progressive discipline policy to identify and address employee and employment related problems. This policy applies to any and all employee conduct that the company, in its sole discretion, determines must be addressed by discipline. Of course, no discipline policy can be expected to address each and every situation requiring corrective action that may arise in the workplace. Therefore, the Company takes a comprehensive approach regarding discipline and will attempt to consider all relevant factors before making decisions regarding discipline.

Most often, employee conduct that warrants discipline results from unacceptable behavior, poor performance or violation of the company’s policies, practices or procedures. However, discipline may be issued for conduct that falls outside of those identified areas. Equally important, the company need not resort to progressive discipline, but may take whatever action it deems necessary to address the issue at hand. This may mean that more or less severe discipline is imposed in a given situation. Likewise, some company polices like sexual harassment and attendance, contain specific discipline procedures.

Progressive discipline may be issued on employees even when the conduct that leads to more serious discipline is not the same that resulted in less sever discipline. That is, violations of different rules shall be considered the same as repeated violations of the same rule for purposes of progressive action.

Probationary employees are held to the highest standards for behavior and job performance. Progressive discipline is the exception rather than the rule for probationary employees.

The Company will normally adhere to the following progressive disciplinary process:

1. Verbal Caution: An employee will be given a verbal caution when he or she engages in problematic behavior. As the first step in the progressive discipline policy, a verbal caution is meant to alert the employee that a...

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