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Project Progress Essay

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“Project Progress”
Assignment 4
Risk Management
Strayer University
June 9, 2013

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                                                        June 9, 2013
If you are put in charge of a work project you need to do more than just set things in motion and check in at the end.   It's important to monitor the progress of the project so you will know if adjustments need to be made to get it moving back in the right direction.   To effectively monitor project progress, you must understand its objective as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the personnel involved.   Successful project process requires adopting sound and relevant strategies throughout the project life cycle.   Examples of an effective process during the monitoring and controlling phase include strategies to keep cost in check, strategies to meet timelines and deliverables, strategies to meet the require quality standards, and more.   Adopting the right process for project monitoring and control becomes important to ensure the seamless execution of projects as these tasks usually take place simultaneous to project execution.   Done wrong, monitoring and control becomes intrusive and a drag on productivity and efficiency.
Project planning is vital to the success of any endeavor, but even the most well planned project will have things go wrong.   Knowing this, a process must be in place to recognize discrepancies in the project.   These discrepancies can involve scheduling, budgeting, resources,...

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