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Projectile Motion Essay

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Physics 113

Projectile Motion


This lab aims to validate Newton's First and Second Law of kinematics for motion of a projectile.   We will the already formulated equations to calculate and compare our theoretical from the experimental data recorded.


For the completion of this lab, it is necessary to have to following equipment: an inclined plane with appropriately guided tracks, a spherical ball, meter stick, photogate sensors, and a time of flight accessory.

First, open the pre-set experimental file used to record the data for the experiment.   Measure with a meter stick the approximate height from the time-of-flight accessory to the base of the track. Record this number. The photogates are used to record the time elapsed between each point on the track and eventually the time of flight of the ball.   Press the “Start” button and from a specifically marked point at the top of the track, release the ball and let it roll thru the track, passing the photogates and onto the time-of-flight accessory.   Remember to use a piece of regular and carbon paper on the time-of-flight accessory to measure the point of impact.   Run the trials five times before starting from a new release point. There two separate runs conducted in this lab.

Use the recorded information and compare it to the theoretical.   Using the mean values and standard deviation calculate any discrepancy.


This lab gave us the following results from the experiment, the timer between the first two photogates returned an average value of 0.639 seconds with a standard deviation of +/- 0.002 seconds.   The average velocity of the ball was 0.927 m/s, but most importantly is the t2/3 time.   The t2/3 returned the values; 0.418, 0.418, 0.418, 0.417, and 0.415 seconds.   The average value of this time is 0.417 with a standard deviation of +/- 0.001.

Please see attached data sheet.

Data Analysis & Discussion:



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