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Proposal For Place Essay

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  • on November 7, 2010
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Info 234
Melissa Mapel
Proposal to use a web technology
For our organization
I am going to use my kids Karate Class

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you this letter to let you know that there is a web technology that we can use to connect all kids of different classes in the karate or all over the world for kids to interact with other kids and share experiences and to meet friends that have the same interests.

We can use wall wisher within the class. Where kids can talk to each other and that can give pointers and advice in the same dojo. The kids can find out what they missed that day from Mr. Provenzano. They can also talk to the kids that have been there for awhile that can see what they will be doing in the future.

We can also use wall wisher for other dojo’s all over the world for the kids to meet other kids and see what kind of tournaments they are doing through the United Martial Arts Association. What’s new through the dojo’s and what strategies they are using.

We can also post things from Chuck Norris and Leo Fong because of them being part of the UMAA. They could also post things to get the kids and parents ideas on their projects. It would get the kids more excited about things that are going on.

Wall Wisher would also be good to post events for the kids to attend for the association and to have all the kids congratulate the kids that won their tournaments and to wish kids good luck on there next tournaments and it helps the kids meet and feel more comfortable at the tournaments.

Another way to do this is Facebook page to get the kids interacting and you can also have parents post their pictures and videos of the kids and the tournaments and other events. The kids can get on there the same way and chat with other kids. Instructors can talk to see different approaches with kids to work with. Not all kids learn the same so you have to find different techniques to get the kids attention.

Final way but there are many out...

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